The world has forgotten how to dream. And the one company that can help it, is about to go out of business. But there’s one serious man who can help. The problem is, he just doesn’t know it… yet. This is his journey.


Tonight, we’ll inspire, light your fire. Take you to the places you’ve never been before. Star light, star bright, in the moonlight, you will see that anything can happen here, at D-C-T.


Mr. Serious Pants lives in a realm of exactitude. He works in the Mail Room at the world’s largest mail-order company, DCT. His job is to deliver thousands of letters and packages to the world. Each one is very special and very important. And everything must go out by 5. Every. Single. Day. No exceptions!


Mr. SP falls into a shipping crate and finds himself very far away from the office. Along comes Stray Ray, the world’s most worldly dog. He’s been everywhere, done everything and tasted every dish from Kansas City Barbeque to New Orleans Frog-Leg Stew! He teaches Mr. SP to get out there and Try, Try, Try… Everything.


Let’s face it. The desert is lonely… especially for Lona Cowgirl. She has to spend her days watching these silly cows. Until one day she gets a letter that reminds her that a friend is only one note away.


Some dreams seem impossible. If you’re a dime-store goldfish at a carnie booth, your chances of dancing with Fifi le Tango (the most beautiful girl in the world) are slim to none. If you’re Larry Gold, it could happen.


The King of Pastalucia has everything. How could he want more? Well, he does. Stop wondering and hurry up and get him what he wants. And then give him some more, more, more!


When someone spends their whole life in exactitude, when do they have time to dream? And how would they know where to begin? The Star-Bright Singers have a suggestion…


Mr. Serious Pants starts to ponder his own dream. He’s never thought about it. He loves his job in the mailroom and just hopes it makes a difference, somehow.


Mr. SP finds out that DCT, the mail order company, stands for Dreams Come True – a magical place that helps people achieve their dreams. As head of the mailroom, he sends out the packages that make dreams happen. He realizes that by doing what he loves, he propels others on their dream journeys and becomes a spark that changes the world.

Thank you for visiting DREAM – our rock musical made from scratch.

We believe we’re all connected by our dream journeys. By following our hearts and dreams, we automatically make a difference to others. The energy that emanates from someone who is inspired acts as a spark that encourages others to reach for their own heights. This collective consciousness can elevate the entire world and it’s the central thought behind the show.

We think DREAM is a story worth telling and it’s our dream to make it come to life. Whether it’s an animated movie, tablet application or stage show, we have the vision and we're excited to find others to collaborate with.

If you’d like to help us get to the finish line, we’d be overjoyed if you want to share your own dream and let us know how you’d like to be involved with ours. Please get in touch.